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Individuals are scared of skydiving largely since there are a lot of myths connected with it in the popular tradition. These various inaccuracies that were propagated are the https://en.search.wordpress.com/?src=organic&q=스포츠중계 biggest reason for skydiving panic. Here's 4 of those myths together with the genuine explanation.

Myth one: All through free of charge fall you may’t breathe

Reality: Respiratory for the duration of free slide is possible, Opposite to the way people today tend to Imagine. If breathing wouldn’t be doable the skydiver wouldn’t be capable of open the parachute since they might be unconscious.

Fantasy two:A dialogue might be held through cost-free drop.

Point: This may very well be doable in movies however it is strictly Hollywood. The truth is the fact although cost-free falling you may’t listen to everything as the wind screaming via your ears is too loud. Hoping to have a conversation in that disorders is difficult.

Fantasy 3: Holding on to another person that includes a parachute can be done, if you don’t have 1 on your own.

Reality: This really is without a doubt a Film miracle and is 99% likely not to happen. This sort of stunts happen to be pulled off but yet again which is nearly impossible and that is as a result of forces which might be at perform if the 스포츠중계 - 레이저티비24 parachute opens.

Myth four: You may free of charge tumble for 5 minutes

Actuality: The cruise peak of an airplane is at about ten,000 – twelve,000 toes and that means about forty seconds of free slide prior to opening the parachute. A five minutes slide requires a height of about sixty,000 toes so you would want extra oxygen.

Myth five: My parachute will not open

Reality: There are plenty of normal fears regarding your parachute failing to open up but this has become handle with all modern-day parachutes mainly because They may be now equipped with a tool that should deploy the parachute quickly just in case you fall short to do this on your own. The product is termed Automatic Activation System, or AAD.


The commonest causes for skydiving deaths and injuries, and that is ninety two%, are issues in judgement and procedure. Consequently Should you be well ready with the leap and do every thing correct for the time it will require to have to the bottom Then you certainly’ll take pleasure in 60 seconds of exhilarating cost-free drop and Are living to inform The story.